Stirred ahead- the self steering smart cars

Technology today is so fast moving that we could actually miss a trillion thinks in a blink of eyes. From flying in air to drifting on waters, technology has taken us to where we are today and what we could not have imagined 50 years ago. With improved technology, life today has become an easy go ride. From a time when we had to walk miles to reach things, we have come to a time where things reach us on a mere click on the smart screens. 

Today we bring to you an interesting story of technology just like these changing times that potentiates a change in the transportation.

While hundreds of scientists are working on life like robots that can do any thing and everything like a human. Google is on a venture to create self steering cars! Yes!! You read it right. Cars that can drive by themselves with minimum human intervention.

Google has successfully given the public it's first ever self steering car demonstration on Capitol hill and other places as well, Nevada becomes the first state to legalize self steering cars in 2011. 

This all together impossible task is made possible with the use of satellite guided GPS network which allows the car to move in the right direction with the human sitting in the drivers seat in case control is needed while using the laser and radar system that analyzes the surroundings up to ten times a second creating a 3-D map. This car not just drives along the road guided by the GPS but also keeps a keen knowledge of other vehicles that pass by the same path as itself. These cars also are designed to follow road signs.


The highly functional computer car designs are also thought to increase roadway efficiency and decrease congestion with their increased perception of vehicle distance  and  quicker reaction time.


With technology improving so much day after day, I guess it wouldn't be surprising if we read about teleporting tomorrow!


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