Lost in Light...!

The time has come where we should probably wear eyeshades while sleeping...! and instead of wishing "good night" there came a time to wish "good light". 


Got confused? yeah here is a serious issue bothering the whole world called "light pollution". absolutely you heard it right it is "light pollution" or "photopollution".  Actually, what is this light pollution? How it occurs? what are the causes and effects? Shall know it briefly.

The sky is our national treasure.  And now scientists are predicting that earth's night is getting brighter the sky glows..!.  And this is because of using excessive artificial light and illuminating unwanted lights in the surroundings.This is because of industrial civilization. photopollution is more in the areas of North America, North Africa, Japan etc. 


A study says that earth's artificially lit outdoor surface grew by 2.2 percent per year, it is because of using high-efficiency LED.

And light pollution has an enormous false impact on insects, animals, and also has a great impact on astronomical observation. so there came a time to build dark sky sanctuaries in some prime observing sites.


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