Google gone simple..!

The worlds prominent and big daddy Google is going still simple..! 

Now searching on google is very easy. Google always focus on emerging market range. To trap every individual towards and to seek attention it Google has design lightweight weight searching app called "google go"...!

what is the specialty?

this app can work on the slow internet connections.

what are the specifications?

just as the google searching app on ios and android has,  "google go" will provide basic features like search, weather, and voice-activated search functions. and it will not have tails(card-based interface) instead it provides a special button to redirect the pages.

what is special?

google go provides a unique feature that is an optimized image search which will let users find the perfect clarity images faster.

Oreo becomes still crunchy...!

We are all aware of the brand new Android version launched by Google that is oreo 8.1 but to reach every common man, now Google has launched the other "go edition" of the operating system which is specifically designed for low-end smartphones with less than 1GB RAM. And it names the new version as "Android oreo GO". and this is made available to devise manufacturer abs developers soon.

special feature:

Android Oreao Gois just an optimized version of Android Oreo which can run on 512MB RAM or 1GB RAM and it has also optimized some of its app's like google maps which can be used on 4GB to 8GB of internal memory space. 

And the first launch of these phones is expected in India.




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