Does Spirit exists ...?

We have many questions and curiosity regarding the spirits and spirit world right. Some believe and some say it’s a myth. Do souls exists? If yes then how it looks like? Does it have any colour? How does it move? How do they live? One of the renowned psychologist and Hypnotherapist Michael Duff Newton gives an excellent explanation for all these queries. Let’s have a look 

Actually what happen in the moment of death?

At the moment of death, our soul rises out of its host body. If the soul is older and has experience from many former lives, it knows immediately it has been set free an is going home. These advanced souls need no one to greet them. A young soul, or a child who has died, may be a little disoriented until someone comes closer to ground level for them. There are souls who choose to remain at the scene of their death for a while.

Does time exists in the spirit world?

Michael Newton says “Time has no meaning in the spirit world”. Discarnate who choose to comfort someone who is grieving, or have other reasons to stay near the place of their death for a while, experience no sense of time loss. This becomes now time for soul as opposed to linear time.


How the souls feel after leaving the host body?

As souls move further away from Earth, souls experience an increasingly brilliant light around them. Some will briefly see a greyish darkness and will sense passing through a tunnel. The difference between these phenomena depends upon the exit speed of the soul, which in turn relate to their experience.

How can we define a soul?

Soul is an intelligent light form of energy. Right after death, souls suddenly feel different because they are no longer encumbered by a temporary host with a brain and central nervous system.

How souls live?

Souls live in groups. Ranging between 3 and 25 with the average having about 15. There are times when souls from nearby cluster may want to connect with each other. Often this activity involves older souls who have made many friends from other groups with whom they have been associated over hundred of past lives.

Souls assist one another with the cognitive aspects of absorbing information from life experience as well as reviewing the way they handled the feelings and emotions of their host bodies directly related to those experiences.

Discovery of energy colours displayed by soul in the spirit world:

Pure white denotes a younger soul and with advancement soul energy becomes denser moving into orange, yellow, green and finally the blue ranges. The greatly advanced souls are seen as having a deeper indigo colour.

Does human values is valid in spirit world?

There is certainly a structure in the spirit world; it exists within a sub line matrix of compassion, harmony, ethics and morality far beyond what we practice on earth.


 In the spirit world souls are not forced to reincarnate. If the soul wants solitude they can have it. Souls have feelings of humility at having been given the opportunity to incarnate in physical form. 

Reference: The destiny of souls.


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