Cookies are not biscuits any more...!

Of course, cookies are not only eatables anymore. There is a  trend of naming the computer stuff with eatable like various versions of Android, so that we can remember it easily. And here is another example to it that is "cookie". and obviously these make our life simple and easy.

what is this cookie, where it is used, what is the use of this,  shall we know all of these in the story. usually, cookies are believed as the instant hunger reducers, likewise, these computer cookies also reduce our burden in many ways. come let's see what all it can do.

what is a cookie?

A cookie is a small amount of data generated by a website and saved by our web browser.

Actually, when we log in to some website it will ask us for some basic details like our name, email id, password etc and after we fill all these we get entered in to the actual website and for some obvious reasons it is not possible for us to remember it for the whole session so our web server helps us to store these login information in some directory file and this file is called a cookie in computer terms.

what is the purpose of the cookie?

its purpose is to remember information about the user, similar to a preference file created by a software application.

for example, if you log in to the Flipkart online shopping website, there the website wants to keep track on what items do you check, your interested area of shopping like if you search for pens then in the end of the website you can see the tab called "recommended for you ". this is where the cookie works. it stores your interests in a particular file and makes your shopping easier. 

what are the uses of these cookies?

cookies serve many functions, but their main function is to store the login information for a specific site. 

Like you have seen the option on the web browser that "remember me on this computer" if you click that then your login id and password too can be remembered by the web browser. and this happens because of cookie. and any search engine can know your search results so fast. and keep a track on what you are searching and also it can remember the font size that you have set and if you are using the stocks sites then it can save the recent stacks that you viewed. and some website needs the hell lot of information of you to log in and every time you can't enter all those information so it can be overcome by cookie.

types of cookie:

there are two flavors of cookie, one is "session" and another is "persistent". a session cookie is temporary and it can be erased when the web browser is closed, this is used in e-commerce sites. whereas in persistent cookie have the information for some definite period of time. when the expiry date is reached it will be deleted automatically. and the erasable time will often be like 2 days, a week or a month. 

where can we find these cookies on websites?

fortunately, some of the websites allow you to see the cookies in the "privacy or security" tabs. and even web browser allows you to delete cookie but to have a secure and efficient use of website cookies are necessary. and these cookies are stored in different locations in the directory if you log off the web browser you should create the new cookie. 



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